Pro Tank Products Bankruptcy Liquidation - Musser Bros. Inc.

Pro Tank Products Bankruptcy Liquidation

Pro Tank Products was a Montana start up manufacturer of steel tanks from 2014-2017. Much of the equipment was purchased new 2014 or later, however, the company filed for bankruptcy in late 2017 and been idle since. Some of the very best equipment, top of the line manufacturers of overhead bridge & jib cranes, air compressors, automated welders and paint booth. Mfg's include Skarnes Inc, Contrx, Atlas Copco, Red-D-Arc, Lincoln, Hotsy and Col-Met.  

Specific Days Staff Onsite

1st phase (1-2 days) - Small, misc lots, pallets, loose steel

2nd phase (3-5 days)- Compressors, welders, etc

3rd phase (6-10 days)- Automatic welder and turn up tables

4th phase (11-30 days) - Overhead cranes, paint booth. Buyers' assume total responsibility for disassembly, lifts, rigging & removal

Outdoor lots (anytime first 10 days)

NOTE: 2 lifts with operators onsite to assist with phase 1 & 2 and some or all of 3. Buyer's must provide own labor and tools for disassembly