Real Estate Partners

Real Estate Professional?

How can we work together?

We are looking for real estate professionals who want to better assist their clients with challenging listings. You can continue to service your client, keep your listing and your client, and earn your respective commission, all the while helping your client achieve their goal.

What is a challenging listing?

  • Largest, most valuable property on the block
  • Unique property
  • Large tracts of land where buyers may want smaller tracts
  • Been on market for extended period and at risk of losing listing
  • Settling an estate
  • Vacant property
  • Seller in a hurry
  • Development that has lost sales velocity

Problem Listings

Set yourself apart in your market and partner with an established and proven industry leader.  Musser Bros. specializes in managing "problem" real estate projects brought to us by our real estate partners.  These listings typically involve overpriced properties, those with inherent issues, the largest in the area, extensive land tracts, or need an expedited sale.  We want to build long-term relationships with aggressive agents to get these problem listings sold.

Not All Real Estate Professionals Get It

The auction industry shares similarities with the real estate sector, where a smaller segment of participants earn a majority of the fees.  Unlike many auction companies, we offer commission splits that stand out in the industry.  Similarly, most real estate agents traditionally steer clear of partnering with auction companies.  However, we have revolutionized this by introducing a partner program featuring highly attractive splits, impressive close ratios, and the ability to transform dis-satisfied sellers into clients who not only return, but also provide valuable referrals.