Sell Real Estate

Why sell your real estate at auction?

Selling your home should not be a headache. It’s easier than you think. Musser Bros puts your property in a competitive bidding situation in order to get as much as possible for your home.

We do not wait for buyers to come to us. We aggressively go to them, wherever they are via the Internet, direct mail, local, regional or national advertising and other media. We are truly an accelerated marketing firm.

Through the entire auction process we desire to do all the work. We want to take care of the thousands of details that will go into making your real estate auction an overwhelming success.

Throughout our organization you will find a commitment to honesty and integrity. This goes far beyond merely fair dealing and extends to every aspect of how we do business. When a Musser Bros. representative makes a commitment to you, the entire force of our organization is behind it. This is our promise to you as a valued client and friend.

Real Estate Auction Event
  1. Focus is on your sale
  2. Results in 30-45 days or less
  3. Extensive marketing saturation featuring your property exclusively
  4. Buyers act on your schedule; specific day, date, time and place
  5. Auctions provide catalyst to promote buyer interest; "Auction means Action"
  6. Realizes the property's true market value. No limit on upside potential
  7. Eliminates guesswork in determining the asking price for the property
  8. All terms and conditions of sale are set in advance, thus eliminating negotiations
  9. Property sold without contingencies
  10. All offers are presented to the seller before and during the auction
Traditional Real Estate Sale
  1. Property is one of many being advertised and shown
  2. May remain on the market for months or even years
  3. "Traditional" advertising: heavy reliance on Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  4. Little motivation for buyer; you wait on them
  5. Price reduction often encouraged to promote buyer activity or interest
  6. Upside potential limited by asking price
  7. Seller risks overpricing, and, thus, seeing little interest or underpricing and selling for less than the property is worth
  8. Seller must negotiate all aspects of the sale
  9. Contingencies are common
  10. Few offers are received and multiple offers are rare
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